Steps to Eliminate Bacteria

 Help! We have Bacteria in our water!

 Steps to Eliminate Bacteria

There are TWO OPTIONS that you can take to Eliminate Bacteria in your water:


There are 3 steps that you can take in efforts to eliminate bacteria from your well and home, which are outlined below. 

Note: these steps may not fully eliminate the bacteria.  

Estimated time to complete: Approximately 4-6+ weeks



When Clean Water Solutions installs your UV system and disinfects your plumbing system; you can be rest assured that the bacteria is eliminated, and that your house will be up to water quality standards.

      Estimated time to complete: Approximately 3-4 weeks


It is important to think about any time requirements that you might have when choosing which option is best for you.    


First Option: Shock and Resample your Water 

Step 1: If possible, Identify and Eliminate the Source of Contamination. (2-3 weeks) 

If you are able to find the source of contamination you may be able to stop the cause and then eliminate the bacteria from your well and home plumbing.  

The presence of Total Coliform bacteria in well water is a result of surface water infiltration or seepage from a septic system. Drinking water should not contain more than 10 total Coliform bacteria per 100 ml.

*E. coli appears in water samples contaminated by fecal matter; thus, they indicate the possible presence of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, or protozoa.

Corrective action should be taken immediately!

The maximum acceptable concentration of E. coli is "0" per 100 ml of water.*   * = Information taken from Health Canada‚Äôs Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.   


 Step 2: Shock the Well and Plumbing Systems to Disinfect your Water. (12-24 hours)

Weather you could identify the source of the infection or not, the well and plumbing systems should be shocked in order to disinfect the entire system - you can do this by using unscented household bleach.

When shocking the well you MUST use the proper quantity of bleach required to properly disinfect new and existing wells and plumbing systems.   


Steps for Chlorine Disinfection

    1. Add the amount of unscented bleach (determined in the Table) to the bottom of the Well and then agitate the water. Connect a garden hose to a nearby tap and wash down the inside wall of the Well. This will ensure thorough mixing of the chlorine and the water throughout the Well.  

    2. Start the pump and bleed air from the pressure tank. Open each tap and allow the water to run through all taps until a smell of chlorine is detected, then turn off the taps. 
    If a strong smell is not detected, add more bleach to the Well.  

    3. Allow the water to sit in the system for 12-24 hours.  

    4. Start the pump and run water through the outside hose away from grass and shrubbery until the strong smell of chlorine disappears. Make certain that the water does not enter any watercourse (channel that a flowing body of water follows). 
    Finally, open the indoor taps until the system is completely flushed.


Table 1: Disinfection of Well Water with Unscented Household Bleach (Approximately 5.2% Hypochlorite) 


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