Dec 19, 2016 By Heather MacWilliams
1. Clean water for visiting guests and grandkids

Treat your loved ones to clean water while they are visiting this Christmas season. Feel happy knowing that their morning showers will be clean and pleasant instead of dirty coloured and odorous.

Did you know that your body can become accustomed to your dirty water but visitors will not be accustomed and they could become ill, especially if they are young or have a lowered immune systems.

2. Better tasting coffee, tea, and holiday drinks

Not only will a whole home filtration system be gentle on your appliances; your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other holiday drinks will taste WAY better!

Don't believe me? Try it! You wont want to go back to your unfiltered water!

3. Cost saving and better for the environment

Bottled water is expensive. It also takes a lot of energy and resources to make.

What a great gift to your pocket book and to our earth than using your own delicious tap water. 

Benefits of filtered tap water:

  • Cost saving
  • Less energy and resources used up
  • Less waste in landfills
  • There are no doubts about the quality of water that you are drinking!

"We capture about 65 per cent of [the tossed bottles] in our recycling," said [Toronto] city councilor Shelley Carroll [in 2008]. "The other 35 per cent is being lost in litter containers or in the garbage stream, and we can't pull them all out so a lot of bottles still end up in the landfill." (www.cbc.ca/news2/background/consumers/bottled-water)

We at Clean Water Solutions try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.
Many of us have heard about how much energy and waste it takes to make these bottles, but we also need to be aware that the water in these bottles may not be up to the standards that we think they are at.

David Suzuki has a great article about this:

4. A great gift that keeps on giving

A whole home water filtration system makes a great gift!

  • No more stains from doing laundry
  • Less soap and detergent needed - which also saves you money
  • Clean water to wash your beloved sports car with
  • Healthy family and grandkids
  • No more stained appliances and fixtures
  • No more odours while showering and washing up
  • Feel clean and refreshed after your showers!!

We provide FREE WATER TESTS  and same day quotes to our local customers; North Bay, ON and area.

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