Find out where our Service Area is - AND more!

Aug 3, 2017 By Heather MacWilliams

Where is our Service Area?

In this video Heather is clarifying where we operate out of and she address concerns about people pretending to be Clean Water Solutions employees, she talks about our service area, and lists a few common water problems that we come across within our service area.

Here we provide clarification for those people who have been asking us if we are located elsewhere, apparently some people are posing as Clean Water Solutions employees and going door to door to make sales. We are in the North Bay Ontario area, and we never go door-to-door soliciting sales.

If you suspect some is pretending to be our employee - please get their information and call us so we can notify fraud prevention.


We take what we do very seriously, we are passionate about finding solutions for water problems and helping our community to have clean drinking water at home, at the cottage, or in a business setting. 

We pride ourselves on being highly knowledgeable, honest, fair with pricing, as well as providing the best customer service around.


We never use high pressure sales or scare tactics with our customers; we always provide honest accurate water tests, we'll explain how we can clean up the water, and  answer any questions you might have.


This is our community and we care about each and every one of you!

We consider our community to be the area which we service -> from Warren, Temagami, Mattawa, Burks Falls, to Loring, and everywhere in between.


In this area we have come across a variety of problem water which we have always found a solution for… hence our name Clean Water Solutions!


Whether you have:

  • Yellow water
  • Water that tastes like metal
  • Water that smells like rotten eggs, gasoline, or manure
  • Water that stains your faucet and toilets
  • Bits of things in your the water - maybe from sand or decaying organic matter
  • Slimy or oily looking water
  • Water that has black web looking matter in the toilet tank
  • Or harmful bacteria like eColi and COLiform

No water problem is too hard for us to solve. We are devoted to finding Clean Water Solutions for all water types.

We welcome you to come and learn with us!

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