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Excelpure 10" BB GAC Coconut Shell, NR micron | CC10BN

Quick Overview

Waterite Technologies Excelpure Brand Filters & Cartridges feature quality materials constructed with the newest technologies to give you a high quality and cost effective solution. The Excelpure brand provides a complex density gradient and fiber structure to ensure long life and effective particle capture.

Granular activated carbon (GAC) filter cartridge that is ideally suited for chlorine and taste/odor reduction in many residential and commercial applications.

  • Reduces and removes chlorine, lead, herbicides, pesticides, taste and odor and more from your water.
  • Minimal carbon fines released during initial flushing.
  • Carbon made from Coconut Shells produce healthier, chemical free, and better-tasting drinking water.
  • Designed for higher flow, better filtration and contact time between the water and the carbon.
  • These can be used in single or multiple filternaks and a staple filter for most reverse osmosis systems.


  • Part Number: CC10BN
  • Type: 20/50 Granular-Activated Coconut Carbon
  • Dimension: 4.5" x 10"
  • Rating (Nominal): NR micron
  • End Caps: Polystyrene
  • Outer Casing: Polystyrene
  • Post-filter: Spun Polypropylene
  • Expansion Pad: Polypropylene
  • Gaskets: Buna-N & Santoprene

Fits water filter housings using standard Big Blue or BB #10 or 10" lenght filters.
NSF 42/53

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Brand: Excelpure

Sku: CC10BN

Type: Coconut Shell

NSF Certified: No

Category: Pentek GAC-BB NSF, Viqua C2-01GAC

Cartridge Size: 10"

Aprox. Weight: 1.8

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