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RO405400TNX Vectapure NX 5 Stage 400gpd Reverse Osmosis System w/ TDS

Quick Overview

Waterite’s Vectapure NX 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water purification with TDS monitor Unit is a compact residential drinking water system with a fully encapsulated 400 gallon (1514.16 litre) per day membrane, a carbon filter and a sediment filter cartridges for prefiltration, and one carbon post-filtration filter cartridge. This unit purifies your water to below 10 Parts per million of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) making it one of the best purification system on the market.

Vectapure NX systems feature the use of standard filter cartridges. Replacing the filters are easy; turn off the water supply, release the pressure and simply take out the old filters and replace with standard 10” sized carbon and sediment filter cartridges.

Make your own RO water without the wasting precious time and money lugging around heavy bottles. Can be easily installed under your sink, in another room within 10 feet of the faucet or fridge, or almost anywhere in the house if a demand pump is also installed. Enjoy cleaner, clearer water, with harder and crystal clear ice cubes that will not pick up freezer odour that are associated with water from city or well source.


This system includes all the installation hardware required for easy installation.

  • A ready to hang bracket with all filters and membrane pre-installed
  • Premium chrome plated F9 faucet with tubing attached
  • Space-saving corrosion free storage tank, 3.2 gallon (11 litres)
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) digital meter
  • Leak stop leak detection system
  • Inline shock arrestor
  • Mounting screws
  • Installation & maintenance manual

No extra parts need, everything you need is in the box!

Replacement parts

  • PP1005 - Standard Sediment Filter: Dirt and particle reduction 5 micron
  • CBC20 - Standard Carbon Block: Taste, odour, chlorine reduction 5 micron
  • CC5C - Standard Post GAC Carbon Filter - Taste, chlorine and odour reduction 5 micron
  • BME3013SXL - Vectapure NX 400gpd Membrane



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